Residential Construction: The Best Places to Put Your Furnace

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When you’re working on the housing construction, the question of central heating is one of the most important ones. Late planning or the lack of measurements can influence the price of a house and make it either a reliable building or drastically lower its chances of being bought. There are two main options, locating the furnace in cramped spaces or unconfined spaces.

Different types of furnace would require different places. When you’re talking about gas furnaces, they require more space and more efficient ventilation than any other type. That is why you have to choose a spacious room or even build a furnace room in advance.

You also have to take into consideration cleaning. It’s crucial to clean your furnace regularly. For example, a natural gas furnace only requires a check-up once a year, if you take a wood furnace or a coal furnace, those would require more maintenance and cleaning. You’d have to ensure that you have the access to your furnace any time of the year and that you can easily perform cleaning. Thus, placing a wood furnace in a confined place is not the best idea. For more info on furnace cleaning be sure to check out

Some installations are also very leaky, so you if you place your furnace wrong, a homeowner will have to spend a lot more to keep their house warm. When you place the ducts outside, you’re increasing that number of the bill. It’s better to place the ducts in a basement (make sure it will be heated) or under the slabs (if there are any).

Placing oil or gas furnace inside, especially in cramped spaces is also risky, as you have to make sure there will be more than enough air for combustion. So, it’s not an option to put your furnace in a laundry room, even if it has access for cleaning and checking. Plus, putting a furnace in a place where there are other appliances using air is wrong as it will lower the quality of each device.

However, you can install a special pipe that will pump the air for combustion from the outside, which is a popular decision. Or you can ensure that the air supply will be driven from the other parts of the house. Remember that the lack of air can even turn out to be deadly. If you’re doubting about this, check the rates of carbon monoxide poisoning.

If as a constructor, you’re placing the furnace outside or in the garage, it will make more sense to require additional insulation. You’d also have to insulate the ducts to make sure there are no leakages. That way, walls of a garage also have to be properly insulated. Even though it will increase the price of a house, an experienced homeowner will see that it’s saving money in the long run. It’s also a good sign for your company, as it’s a way to show that you care about the final result.

If you’re choosing to put a natural gas furnace in the center of a house, you’d have to hide it in a closet. It’s crucial to ensure that a homeowner will have the full access to the furnace to ease the cleaning process. If you’re working to rebuild a house or you have an existing gas pipe, it is also crucial to take into consideration that fact.