Crucial Tips for Turning Logistics Green

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The green approach to logistics and supply chain is our future and it doesn’t matter whether you like it or not. As the biggest companies are slowly changing their minds and turning their warehouse green, it’s clear that the companies of the future will have to follow the same path. However, for some people, the concept of green logistics doesn’t make much sense.

If you want to win in the long run, caring about the money only is not a good strategy. The environmentalist approach is the new trend and implementing green technologies is not that hard if you know a few things.

  • Get your stats.
    Before you start making any changes, you have to understand what your carbon footprint actually is. Then you can start comparing the places where you can cut the footprint, saving the value drivers.
  • Invest in the future.
    You could potentially cut a lot of your expenses and increase the efficiency of your tasks by integrating the automation. The artificial intelligence and modern technologies will change your approach to logistics and make it safer for nature and cost-effective.
  • Try to ship full container.
    While you might think that it takes more time, there are actually benefits to this approach. It’s cheaper for you, it’s less damaging to your goods and it’s eco-friendly. Plus, there are movements where you can cooperate with other businesses to share your expenses and minimize the emissions.
  • Choose recyclable packaging.
    Right, that might be costlier for some materials, but it’s good for nature. Check what materials are available and choose something with lower footprint. Plus, think about avoiding unnecessary packaging for some things.
  • Set your prices respectively.
    Think about it, you could make full load shipping even better for you if you spread the word and set your prices. People who want their goods here and now (not waiting for a day or two) should pay more. This way, you could popularize going green and let the people know about this approach.
  • Support going green.
    Actually, it’s a good idea to let the world know that you’re going green. If you’re making this step yourself, you’re giving people another reason to buy your products and if you’re also supporting other businesses or movements for green technology, you’re getting a bonus for your company.
  • Change your infrastructure.
    It’s a very good idea to change your infrastructure or invest in it to make it ergonomic and more efficient. If you have a building or a facility, you can make it better and safer. It’s a new trend, but it’s becoming more and more popular now.
  • Promote recycling.
    It’s high time to review your recycling strategy and update it. Many things have changed in the last 5 years, so some of the old ways are not good anymore. Try to collect some data and understand how you could improve your strategy.
  • Use the progressive mindset.

Remember that there is always something else to do and to change. You can always find another way or a new technology and if you make that progressive mindset driven with eco-ideas a part of your company, you’ll change the world.

It’s not that hard to make your logistics green if you really invest your time and money. There are many options even for smaller companies. Remember that going green is the future and investing in it now will only save you later.

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