Become an Author

Our magazine always welcomes new articles, writers and aspiring bloggers who are interested in the industry. We try to share different viewpoints and opinions to give you a broader picture as a reader. If you want to submit your article or cooperate with us regularly, you could contact us. Before you decide to start writing, please, read the following instructions for guest posting.

Rules for Guest Posting

  • Don’t plagiarize.
    If you have already published your article somewhere, please, don’t send it to us. We want 100% unique content that people will find interesting. We are not interested in repeating the same information over and over.
  • Use pictures and make your content diversified.
    We understand that not every single article will contain infographics, stats and numbers, but if you can include those, you’re increasing your chances of being published. We want our content to be interesting for the readers, and writings that have lists, pictures and stats get more attention.
  • Deliver a message.
    Writing for the sake of writing is not our format. Please, make sure that your post has a thesis and is delivering a message of some sort.
  • Don’t use profane language.
    We are against rude and offensive language. We also support equal rights movements, so don’t try to “lure” people with body images. That will not be tolerated or published.
  • Write at least 500 words.
    We don’t suggest you submit longreads, but make sure your post contains at least 500 words. Short notes and tips are not enough. Please note that this rule is not relevant to infographic articles or posts that contain an image compilation.
  • Check if we had a similar post before.
    If you’re writing about choosing a construction item, please make sure if we had already covered that before. However, if you have something to add or you find a new piece of information, bring it to the table.
  • Don’t overuse links.
    Links are fine, as long as you don’t link way too much. Adding 3-4 links to a post is tolerable. Also, note that your links have to be relevant to your post or to our site’s topic. Adding spam links isn’t tolerable at all.
  • Be relevant.
    Writing about projects that were finished long ago is not the best idea. Try to find topics that are meaningful today and that people will really find useful unless it’s a new historical fact or something.

Those instructions have to be obeyed if you want to see your article on our site. Please, understand that we want to select the best writings that deliver a specific message to our readers. This helps us to keep our magazine objective and interesting.