About Us

Our magazine is dedicated to the construction industry and everything that is somehow connected to it. We regularly publish different thematical content that will be interesting to anyone from a construction worker to a large construction company. We also try to make complex numbers and stats more available for a regular person.

Our goal is to make the industry closer to the people and show how construction really works. We also underline the issues and fails of the industry, providing case studies and review different companies and their achievements. It’s crucial for us to provide relevant and helpful information on time. We cooperate with other sites in the industry, to create interesting compilations and do research studies, so you can enjoy interesting data.

We are working with the independent sources, so you can trust our writing as true, non-aligned with any business or the government. Being objective and rational is our main goal and it’s our best policy.

We also try to diversify our content as much as possible and cover a wide range of topics, including trends in construction, green and eco information, tips and pieces of advice, case study and research, sociological data and questionnaires, etc.

We will be more than happy if you decide to help us out and write an article for us. We have a few rules, but those are there to help choose the most relevant writings.

We also are currently working to make our magazine better, so any help and suggestions are welcome here. If you want to see something else or think that we are missing something, you have a question or a complaint, please contact us as soon as possible.

Our editors are always happy to answer your questions about our magazine or the industry. We will try to find a specialist who can provide you with an accurate answer. Our team hopes that you will find our magazine useful and interesting.